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Discover the latest news from the world of electric vehicles. On the City Lion blog you will find articles, trends and guides on e-scooters and electric bikes.
How do you service an electric bike?

How do I service my e-bike? Servicing schedule

If you’re wondering how to look after your electric bike, be sure to check out our service schedule, which we describe in detail in this article. You’ll find out which activities should be carried out at a specific mileage or at a specific point in time of use. All this is to ensure that you enjoy your trouble-free e-bike not for one or two years, but up to seven times longer.

Is it worth choosing an e-bike over a car?

Are electric bikes worth choosing over a car?

Wondering why you should choose an e-bike over a car? We’ve got you covered with up to 7 important reasons why. You can use them to make your decision or convince a loved one. Find out why an e-bike is better than a car.

Start of the e-bike season

How to get your electric bike ready for the season in 8 steps?

Spring is coming, and with it your questions about how to prepare your electric bike for the upcoming season. This is a sign that you are taking a responsible approach to both riding safety and operating your e-bikes. Because no matter how you have winterised your electric bike, you need to prepare it for the season. We advise you on how to do it right.

What is BMS in Batteries and How Does It Work?

What is BMS in Batteries and How Does It Work?

In lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, Battery Management Systems (BMS) perform various functions, with the most important being protecting the battery from overcharging and overheating. However, not everyone knows that the proper functioning of these systems also affects the battery’s lifespan. Check now what you need to know about BMS systems in batteries.

Delving into cell types

What are the types of batteries? Learn the differences between cell types!

The battery cell industry is evolving more dynamically than ever before. New battery technologies are gaining wider applications, and alongside lithium-ion cells, including LFP and NMC, and lithium-polymer cells already function in the market. We’re exploring their differences, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Innovative tomorrow's batteries

Batteries of Tomorrow – How These 9 Innovations Will Transform Electromobility?

Innovative technologies are changing the face of batteries. The batteries of the future will be more efficient, safer, and cheaper. And they don’t necessarily have to use lithium. What’s even better is that these innovative batteries are expected to become widely available as early as 2024. We are examining how they differ from current designs and where they will be used.

The whole truth about cobalt mining!

Electromobility and Child Labor – The Whole Truth About Cobalt Mining!

While we enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies, children in Africa are risking their lives to provide crucial materials for our favorite gadgets. In this article, we outline the picture of this story, which questions the actions of the world’s biggest tech players. Is it justified?

Challenges of the battery industry

We reveal what battery manufacturers are working on!

The rapidly growing battery industry is facing challenges that are crucial for the expansion of electromobility. This is evident in the sector of batteries for electric scooters and bicycles as well. We are examining the challenges that battery manufacturers for e-vehicles are currently facing.

Which battery to choose for your e-bike?

Battery for an electric bicycle – which one to choose?

If you’re wondering which battery to choose for your e-bike, the experts at City Lion can help. We’ll give you tips on how to choose an e-bike battery so that it’s best suited to your vehicle and brings you the most benefits.

How do you care for the batteries in an electric bike?

How to maintain the e-bike battery? Tested tips

If you don’t know how to maintain your e-bike’s battery, tips from the experts at City Lion can help. The battery is the most important part of any e-bike – how you handle it affects the life of the battery. See what you can do to make sure your battery doesn’t quickly lose capacity or drain more often than it should.

Why do electric scooters explode?

Are electric scooters dangerous – why do some explode?

Pictures and videos of electric vehicles on fire are spreading around the world with increasing frequency. Exploding balconies where electric scooters were stored, fires in flats and melting cells have left many electric vehicle users wondering whether the vehicle they own is actually safe.

Error codes cheat sheet for electric scooters

Error codes list for popular models of electric scooters

It may sometimes happen that your electric scooter shuts down or cannot be started. If the scooter beeps or the LED blinks, this is a signal that an error has been displayed on the screen (for example e1, e7 or e16).
The e-scooter in this way indicates what the problem is. It could be a battery voltage fault, a brake fault, a motor fault or many others. Error codes vary for different makes and models of electric vehicles.

Most common problems and faults with electric scooters

Common Electric Scooter Issues and How to Fix Them

Do electric scooters break down? Unfortunately, yes – every electric vehicle experiences faults due to varying operating conditions. The most common faults in electric scooters relate to the battery and charging problems. In this article, we explain what the typical problems are and how to remedy them. We also tell you what to do if your electric scooter does not work.

How to charge an electric scooter? Most get it wrong!

How to charge an electric scooter? Most get it wrong!

Proper charging of the electric scooter is extremely important for the proper functioning of the battery. Without expert knowledge of how to charge your electric scooter, you could put your battery at risk of damage. In this article, we explain how to charge your electric scooter frequently, what to avoid when charging and how to increase the battery life.

Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters charging time - Battery test of 6 vehicles

Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters charging time – Battery test of 6 vehicles

A discharged battery during riding is a frequent issue for electric scooter owners. The battery is a key component of a scooter, however, many people are unaware of how much the battery in an electric scooter lasts and how often to charge it. Charging times are affected by range and battery type. For this reason, we have tested several Xiaomi scooter models to see how many hours a certain electric scooter will charge.

How does the additional battery for electric scooters work?

How to extend a scooter’s range by adding an extra battery?

An electric scooter allows you to travel a relatively short distance on a single charge. If you are its user, you have surely noticed that the range of your scooter decreases noticeably after a while. Many people regularly replace their equipment with a newer model, which is very expensive. In addition, electric scooters need to be recharged frequently. So how do you effectively increase the range of an electric scooter? The solution to these problems is an additional external battery.

How does the additional battery for electric scooters work?

How does the additional battery for electric scooters work?

An additional external battery is a battery that you can connect to the primary (internal) battery and mount it outside the scooter (e.g. at the platform). External battery works simultaneously with the primary battery, thus noticeably increasing the range of the scooter. This is more than just a second life for your scooter – it’s like upgrading to equipment 2-3 times more expensive!

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