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Batteries and Battery Packs for Electric Scooters

We manufacture batteries for most popular models of electric scooters and electric vehicles.

  1. A platform battery is a better replacement for the original scooter battery. We recommend installation a internal battery when the original battery is showing signs of wear.
  2. An additional external scooter battery is a battery that you connect to the primary (internal) battery and mount on the outside of your scooter. The extra battery is most effective when the original battery is still in good shape.
  3. The Power Cube pack allows you to tackle tougher trails with unprecedented power and ease. Your scooter will not let you know that it is lacking power. Bigger hills won’t be a problem for it either.

Which battery for an electric scooter should you choose?

It is important that the battery is compatible with your scooter model. To choose the right battery for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the model of my scooter?
  • How many kilometres do I want to ride on a single charge?

The guides on our blog will help you answer these questions. You can also get in touch with the City Lion experts.

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