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Power Cube batteries

Power Cube battery packs for electric scooters

The Power Cube 3S Mod is an extra 12V battery pack (3S ~ 12.6V), enclosed in a bag that you can easily install on your scooter.

The Power Cube battery will turn your vehicle into a real lion!

  • Connecting in series with the scooter’s internal pack allows you to power your vehicle with a total voltage of up to 48V!
  • The Power Cube battery simultaneously with the platform battery, significantly increasing the range and performance of the scooter.

More speed, more power with the Power Cube 3S Mod

The Power Cube battery allows you to tackle tougher routes with more power and ease.

  • With the City Lion battery, your scooter will not lack the necessary power and speed.
  • Bigger hills will no longer be a problem for your scooter.

The City Lion Power Cube battery brings new life to your e-scooter

City Lion offers a wide range of batteries and rechargeable batteries for electric scooters from the most popular brands. Check out our current range of Power Cube Batteries for leading brands such as Xiaomi and Segway Ninebot (new models coming soon).

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