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About us

Who are we?

City Lion Sp. z o. o. is a leading European manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles. We come from Poland and this is where we produce all the batteries. Our constantly expanding offer includes batteries for the most popular models of electric scooters as well as other vehicles. We care about safety and satisfaction of our customers, which results in the highest possible level of customer satisfaction: on Allegro, "the Amazon of Poland", it is 100%. City Lion batteries proudly power electric vehicles all over Europe.
  • Lion is an archetype of power, persistence and freedom. It commands trust and respect. Users of our batteries will be the kings of the city jungle!
  • Lion ~ Li-ion. Word-play – our batteries are composed of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries 🙂
  • CITY LIONON/OFF – action and movement!


Marcin Świder


Experienced in international trade, business development and e-commerce. He mastered 4 languages and spent 5 years in China, where represented Polish food and beverage industry manufacturers. Co-founding and business development of City Lion is an expression of his passion for technologies of the future.

Stanisław Zagrajek

Stanisław Zagrajek


Born inventor, enthusiast and a longtime electric vehicles user. He has extensive experience in trade, international included. In private life he is a proud father of two.

What makes us different?