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Bike and scooter battery reconditioning - New life for your equipment

When the battery of your e-bike or scooter starts to weaken, you don’t need to invest in a costly replacement with a new battery. The solution? Bike and scooter battery reconditioning – economical, environmentally friendly and effective.

What our customers say
The range has increased significantly. Even someone with no experience can manage to mount such a battery! - Edith
The battery is very efficient. I always accelerate to maximum speed, get really far and still have it half charged. - Michael
Everything works perfectly. Installation was quite easy. I started riding my scooter to work with the extra battery and I am very satisfied. I highly recommend! - Anthony
The battery works great, it definitely meets my expectations. The mounting is very easy and does not take much time - Nikolai
The battery works great. Despite its size, I am still surprised that it doesn't disturb the ride in the slightest. - Raphael

Why is bike battery reconditioning worthwhile?

Battery reconditioning allows you to restore the battery to its full capacity. Instead of buying a new battery, you can donate your old one to us. As a result, you save money and care for the environment.

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Professional repair of bicycle batteries

Not all battery problems require battery reconditioning. Often minor faults can be repaired quickly, restoring full functionality to your battery. Our bike battery repair is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Ecology at the heart of our activities

By remanufacturing batteries, we not only save you money, but also care for the planet. Fewer used batteries end up in landfill, helping to protect the environment.

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How to regenerate the battery?

Battery reconditioning for an e-bike or e-scooter is an advanced technological process that aims to restore the original characteristics of the battery.

Many users of electrical equipment do not realise what a complex and precise procedure battery reconditioning is. We invite you to learn more about its steps.

Battery regeneration is not only a way to save money, but also an environmentally friendly solution that allows you to use your equipment for longer without having to replace the entire battery. It is worth investing in such a process, while taking care of the environment and your own wallet.

The first step in the reconditioning process is accurate battery diagnostics. Using specialised equipment, we measure the capacity, voltage and other key parameters of the battery. This allows us to assess the condition of the battery and decide whether regeneration is necessary.

After a positive reconditioning decision, the battery is disassembled. Each component is carefully analysed for physical damage and wear and tear. Defective or worn components are separated and prepared for replacement.

The most important part of the reconditioning is the replacement of the old battery cells with new ones. These cells form the “heart” of the battery and are responsible for storing energy. In the reconditioning process, worn-out cells are replaced by new cells of higher quality and better performance.

Once the new cells are in place, the battery is ‘balanced’ again. This means equalising the voltages of the individual cells to ensure optimum operation and extend the life of the entire battery.

Once the internal work is complete, the battery is put back together. Tests are then carried out to confirm the battery’s correct operation and safety. We check its capacity, performance and durability.

When the battery passes all tests successfully, it is ready to be used again. You receive a detailed report on the actions carried out, the status of the battery and recommendations for its use.

Quickly check how much it costs to recondition your battery

Don’t let a weakening battery stop you. Take advantage of our bike battery reconditioning or bike and scooter battery repair. Put your battery in the hands of specialists and enjoy its full power again. But first, find out how much it will cost.

Fill in the form in less than 1 minute and find out the cost of repairing or reconditioning your battery.

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Advice and diagnostics

Not sure if your battery needs reconditioning or just a repair? Take advantage of our diagnostics. We will help you make the best choice.

Regeneration of scooter batteries

Electric scooters have become extremely popular in recent years. With our services, you can enjoy the unrelenting power of your scooter for a longer period of time.

Trust and experience

We are an industry leader in battery reconditioning and repair. Many customers have trusted us with their equipment and returned satisfied with our services.

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