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What is an additional external battery? Increase the range of your E-Scooter even by 4 times!

What is an additional external battery?

An additional external battery is a battery that you can connect to the primary (internal) battery and mount it outside the scooter (e.g. at the platform); it works simultaneously with the primary battery, thus noticeably increasing the range of the scooter.

This is more than just a second life for your scooter – it’s like upgrading to equipment 2-3 times more expensive!

Where is the battery placed?

dodatkowa bateria zewnetrzna

Usually at the junction of the handlebars and the platform, sometimes in the upper part of the steering column – it depends on the model of the scooter.

So, in such places that the installation is stable and the external power source does not interfere with normal use.

What does the extra battery kit consist of?

When you purchase the City Lion additional external battery, you get a complete set that includes:

– A battery pack with the capacity of your choice;

Exclusive Wild Man bag, highly splash resistant, with City Lion logo;


Spare rubber cap mounted where the cable of the additional external battery enters the frame of the scooter, in dark red (matching Xiaomi scooters);

Additional handles for a more stable attachment of the bag at the platform (suitable for Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters);

– A TORX screwdriver to help remove the platform cover;

Installation and software modification instructions (only necessary for Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters).

Is it easy?

Yes, and above all: disposable. With our instructions, it will take you a maximum of 30 minutes. Even if you have never done it before.

If you have any problems or questions, our technicians will be happy to give you all the advice you need.

And is it safe?

Just as, or even more, than having a regular battery in your platform. We use branded and, most importantly, brand new lithium-ion cells, which are the best quality, but above all, as safe as possible.

Why is this a good battery?

There are several reasons:

Firstly, we use branded, top-quality, brand-new cells – much better than those used by most manufacturers. Higher quality cells not only mean longer pack life but also greater safety for the user.

Secondly, batteries are made by our highly trained technicians, in Poland! Each pack undergoes a series of safety tests before being shipped to the customer. We make every effort to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase. In addition, we provide a one-year warranty on every purchase.

Third, City Lion batteries have up to 4x the factory capacity. More range = less frequent recharging of your batteries, and this translates into a longer life for the City Lion pack, as well as the factory one fitted to your scooter.

What does this give me?

First and foremost, range. By installing the external battery the range of your scooter will increase several times – you will cover a distance of up to 70 kilometers!

Think of the savings: you don’t have to buy a new scooter, because you can have a much better effect for much cheaper.

Are you already decided? Be sure to check out our offer. Please visit the external batteries subpage.