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Valuable insights from City Lion experts in the field of electromobility. Our expertise covers the most current topics related to electric vehicles, including electric cars, scooters, and electric bicycles, as well as useful tips for safe use of these modern means of transportation and the latest technologies. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience to support you in your journey through the world of electromobility.

Delving into cell types

What are the types of batteries? Learn the differences between cell types!

The battery cell industry is evolving more dynamically than ever before. New battery technologies are gaining wider applications, and alongside lithium-ion cells, including LFP and NMC, and lithium-polymer cells already function in the market. We’re exploring their differences, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Innovative tomorrow's batteries

Batteries of Tomorrow – How These 9 Innovations Will Transform Electromobility?

Innovative technologies are changing the face of batteries. The batteries of the future will be more efficient, safer, and cheaper. And they don’t necessarily have to use lithium. What’s even better is that these innovative batteries are expected to become widely available as early as 2024. We are examining how they differ from current designs and where they will be used.

The whole truth about cobalt mining!

Electromobility and Child Labor – The Whole Truth About Cobalt Mining!

While we enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies, children in Africa are risking their lives to provide crucial materials for our favorite gadgets. In this article, we outline the picture of this story, which questions the actions of the world’s biggest tech players. Is it justified?

Challenges of the battery industry

We reveal what battery manufacturers are working on!

The rapidly growing battery industry is facing challenges that are crucial for the expansion of electromobility. This is evident in the sector of batteries for electric scooters and bicycles as well. We are examining the challenges that battery manufacturers for e-vehicles are currently facing.

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