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Which battery is best for electric scooter?

Looking for a way to increase the range of your e-scooter? Well you have found the right place! In this article we guide you in choosing the right battery for your current needs.

Looking for a way to increase the range of your e-scooter? Well you have found the right place! In this article we guide you in choosing the right battery for your current needs.

Picture of Marcin Świder
Marcin Świder

1 March 2022

Which battery is best for electric scooter?
In this article:

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When is it worth it to install a new Internal Battery?

The City Lion internal battery is a new and better replacement for the original battery fitted to your electric scooter. We recommend installing the internal battery when the original battery shows signs of degradation, i.e. when the scooter travels a noticeably shorter distance than when it was brand new.

For cheaper scooter models (under €350), you may notice a drop in battery performance after only 6-12 months of active use. For higher-priced scooters, this period is usually 24-36 months.

Bateria Podestowa City Lion
Internal Battery

The advantages of additional batteries

The City Lion’s additional external battery for the electric scooters will increase the range of the scooter up to four times (depending on the selected capacity).

You mount it on the handlebar or at the platform, and then both batteries (original + extra) work simultaneously, increasing the range of your electric scooter.

Check how the add-on battery works. The secondary battery is most effective when the original battery is still in good shape.

Which Battery Is Best For Electric Scooter? (1) - City Lion
External Battery

To summarise: if the original battery is over 24-36 months old and its performance is significantly decreased, then we suggest mounting a new platform battery.

If, on the other hand, the original battery is less than 18 months old and in decent shape, then we would encourage the installation of a supplementary battery.

What battery capacity for an electric scooter should I choose?

Vsett 8 City Lion Bateria Dodatkowa

The greater the capacity of the scooter battery, the greater its range, but also the heavier the battery weight.

While this will not play a key role when installing a platform battery and the final weight of the scooter will not be significantly different from the original weight, the size and weight of the additional battery must be taken into account.

An extra S-size external battery only weighs around 1kg, while an XXL external battery can weigh as high as 4kg. This can be significant for people who live on higher floors and without a lift.

What battery voltages are compatible with my electric scooter?

The battery voltages must always be strictly matched to the scooter model, which is something we have included in our offer – each electric scooter model has its own dedicated offer. As an example, when having a Xiaomi scooter and looking for an additional external battery, we should choose the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Extra Battery

Which Battery Is Best For Electric Scooter? (2) - City Lion

If we don’t currently have a battery for your scooter in our offer, that’s not a problem – email us via the contact form and we’ll make a battery to order.

And if you’re not quite sure what model of scooter you currently have, then also feel free to contact us via the form above along with attaching a photo – we’ll be able to help you for sure!

Picture of Marcin Świder
Marcin Świder

I co-founded City Lion in December 2019. We manufacture and assemble battery packs for light electric vehicles. Within three years, we became the most popular European manufacturer of electric kick scooter batteries. Since 2023 we also produce electric bicycle batteries.

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The battery works great, it definitely meets my expectations. The mounting is very easy and does not take much time - Nikolai
The battery works great. Despite its size, I am still surprised that it doesn't disturb the ride in the slightest. - Raphael