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Power Cube (3S MOD 48V) for Xiaomi M365

5 / 5 (3)
12 months manufacturer warranty
Battery designed and assembled in Europe
Delivery to all European Union countries


Weight 0.7 kg


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Power Cube for Xiaomi M365 scooter

Pre-order – orders will ship within 3-4 weeks!



New life for your scooter

Your favorite Xiaomi scooter with extra, unprecedented power?  Now it’s possible with the Power Cube, which will turn your vehicle into a real lion!


More speed, more power

The Power Cube allows you to tackle tougher trails with unprecedented power and ease. From now on your scooter will not let you know that it lacks power. Larger hills will also not be a problem for it.





What is the Power Cube?

This is nothing else than a “power cube”, which is an extra battery of 12V (3S ~ 12.6V), closed in a bag, which can be easily mounted on your scooter. Connected in series with the internal package of the scooter allows you to power your vehicle with a total power of 48V! Powerful power is at your fingertips!


Easy installation

After purchase, you will receive a message from us with detailed installation instructions, and if you have any difficulties, our technicians will be happy to answer any questions.

In order to successfully use the Power Cube, you need to make a change to the scooter’s software. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge, our manual will do just fine.





Up to 1000 charge cycles

In our batteries, we use only proven and brand new cells from reputable manufacturers, which guarantee up to 1000 charging cycles. We do not use recycled cells, which is common practice in this industry. The longer life of a Power Cube means not only peace of mind and more power for longer, but also care for the environment.

Charging the Power Cube

You will charge the Power Cube using the dedicated charger. When you are unable to charge the 3S pack, simply plug in the included jumper and the scooter will return to its standard 36V mode and you are good to go. Regardless of the charge level of the cube!



Kit contents:

  • Power Cube Battery pack (12.6V)
  • Dedicated charger for the Power Cube
  • Exclusive Wild Man bag, highly splash resistant, with City Lion logo and space for your phone.
  • Signed wiring
  • Additional handles for a more stable hold on the bag
  • Installation and software modification manual
  • Spare rubber cap (mounted at the point where the Power Cube cable enters the scooter frame)
  • TORX 10 wrench


Guarantee of the highest quality

We are a domestic company that produces additional batteries for the most popular models of city scooters. Each product is subjected to strict quality control before shipment. We create solutions, which we use every day.

Are you looking for a battery with a different capacity or for a different scooter model? Check out our other products! And if you don’t find it, contact us – nothing is impossible for City Lion.