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How to extend the range of an electric bike? 5 simple methods

An e-bike is a great solution for long bike trips. If you're wondering how to increase the range of your e-bike on a single charge, we've put together some tips for you.

An e-bike is a great solution for long bike trips. If you're wondering how to increase the range of your e-bike on a single charge, we've put together some tips for you.

Picture of Marcin Świder
Marcin Świder

29 December 2022

Improved range of an electric bicycle (e-bike)
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1. Choose a good battery for your e-bike

The main factor affecting the range of an e-bike is the battery. The higher the battery capacity, the greater the range on a single charge. For this reason, it is a good idea to pay attention to the battery capacity given in Ah (ampere hours) when choosing a battery pack.

How To Extend The Range Of An Electric Bike? 5 Simple Methods (1) - City Lion

If you already own an e-bike and need a more capacious battery, you can buy a second unit. City Lion manufactures batteries for e-bikes that will allow you to ride more assisted (or ‘manoeuvred’) miles on a single charge. The batteries are protected against overcharging, over-discharge, short-circuiting or overheating – ideal for intensive e-bike riding. 

It is also worth taking care of the overall condition of the battery to extend its life. Avoid riding in extreme temperatures (extremely cold or super hot). It is best to charge your e-bike battery at room temperature and store it in a dry place.

2. Adjust the appropriate assistance mode

Remember that maximum assistance (Boost/Turbo mode) drains the battery faster. If you have a long route planned, especially in mountainous terrain, set Eco mode as the default. Switch to a more powerful booster only when you really need it.

Many manufacturers (Specialized and Giant, for example) allow you to personalise your power steering settings. You can decrease and increase the power of the e-bike according to your preferences.

3. Check tyre pressure and keep driving smoothly

If the tyre pressure is too low, resistance will increase. This will affect the operation of the e-bike battery and its range. It is therefore recommended to check the pressure approximately every fortnight. The maximum and minimum tyre inflation values should be stated on the tyres by the manufacturer. 

Smooth riding and pedalling contribute to stable engine operation. The derailleurs should not be forgotten either. A common mistake is to reach for a stronger power steering before changing to a lighter gear ratio.

Also take care of the technical condition of your bike. It is a good idea to clean your chain regularly and check other parts such as brake pads and bearings.

4. Plan the route

To maintain a smooth ride and drive more miles with assistance, plan your route carefully. Consider the capacity of your battery. Often a longer but gentler climb is better than a climb using Turbo mode.

5. Give up on heavy luggage

The calculation is simple – the more weight, the less range. Before you set off, check that your panniers are not overstuffed and that you really need their contents. Throwing away unnecessary luggage will help increase the range of your e-bike a little.

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The range of an electric bicycle is influenced by many factors. The most effective means of increasing range is a capacious battery. Thanks to the City Lion e-bike battery, you will be able to cover more assisted kilometres without recharging. 

City Lion batteries are also characterised by a very long service life – even after 1,000 discharge cycles, they still retain 80% of their capacity. You can recharge them easily with a standard charger.

Our experts can also create a customised wiring solution to match the extra battery to the original battery used on your bike.

How To Extend The Range Of An Electric Bike? 5 Simple Methods (2) - City Lion
City Lion Batteries

We also manufacture batteries for electric scooters:

  • Xiaomi – increase the range of your electric scooter by up to 4 times.
  • Vsett – an electric scooter for adults requires a capacious battery.
  • Nanrobot – be always on time with a new battery for your Nanrobot N6 scooter.
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  • We also make custom batteries!
Picture of Marcin Świder
Marcin Świder

I co-founded City Lion in December 2019. We manufacture and assemble battery packs for light electric vehicles. Within three years, we became the most popular European manufacturer of electric kick scooter batteries. Since 2023 we also produce electric bicycle batteries.

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