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Power Inverter 12V/230V 2000W/4000W Pure Sine Wave


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Peak power



360 mm x 173 mm x 76 mm

Power Inverter 12V/230V 2000W/4000W Pure Sine Wave (6) - City Lion

Voita Power Inverter 12V/230V 2000W/4000W

Power inverter, also known as an inverter or power converter, is a device whose function is to change the DC voltage from a car battery or cigarette lighter socket to 230V alternating current.

This is exactly the voltage found in every household socket throughout Europe. The universal socket allows the connection of devices not only with a European plug, but with most common types.

Power Inverter 12V/230V 2000W/4000W Pure Sine Wave (7) - City Lion

Pure sinusoidal wave

Thanks to its pure sine wave technology, you can be sure that you won’t experience any voltage spikes, making it extremely safe. And thanks to its durable design, you’ll be able to enjoy a reliable power source for many years to come.

Power Inverter 12V/230V 2000W/4000W Pure Sine Wave (8) - City Lion

Stable power supply

Whether you are camping or on a trip, you can rest assured that you will have a stable power supply to use.
Voita’s power converters work perfectly with devices that require a continuous supply of the same current as a 230V socket.

Power Inverter 12V/230V 2000W/4000W Pure Sine Wave (9) - City Lion

Technical specifications

Display method: LCD Display
Output power: 2000W
Peak power: 4000W
Input voltage: 12V/24V/48V/60V/72Vdc
Input range: 12Vdc(10-15), 24Vdc(20-30), 48Vdc(40-60), 60Vdc(50-75), 72Vdc(60-90)
Low voltage protection: 12V(10.0V±0.3), 24V(20.0V±0.3), 48V(40.0V±0.3), 60V(50.0V±0.3), 72V(60.0V±0.3)
Overvoltage protection: 12V(15.0V±0.3), 24V(30.0V±0.3), 48V(60.0V±0.3), 60V(75.0V±0.3), 72V(90.0V±0.3)
Recovery voltage: 12V(13.2V±0.3), 24V(25.5V±0.3), 48V(51.0V±0.3), 60V(65.0V±0.3), 72V(78.0V±0.3)
No-load current: 0.8A
Overload protection: 2000W>110%
Output voltage: 110V/220Vac
Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Output waveform: Pure sine wave
Overheating protection: 80°±5°
Waveform THD: ≤3%
Conversion efficiency: 90%
Cooling method: Fan cooling
Dimensions: 360mm*173mm*76mm
Product weight: 4kg

Frequently asked questions

What is a voltage converter used for?

A voltage converter is an electronic device that is used to change current voltage to another voltage. DC-AC voltage converters convert the DC voltage from the battery to AC voltage - the most popular models convert 12V DC to 230V AC.

What can be connected to a voltage converter?

A variety of electrical devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, lighting or electronic equipment can be connected to a 12V to 230V voltage converter.

How do I choose the correct wattage of the voltage converter?

In order to select the correct power of the voltage converter, it is necessary to consider the power requirements of the particular device that will be connected to the converter. If the device is underpowered, the inverter may overheat, and if it is overpowered, energy may be wasted.

What is the DC and peak power of an inverter?

The constant power of a voltage inverter refers to the power that the inverter is able to deliver continuously. Peak power of an inverter, on the other hand, is the maximum power that the inverter is able to deliver at any given time.

What does pure sine inverter mean?

Pure sine in an inverter means that the inverter is able to convert direct current into alternating current with a sinusoidal waveform - i.e. identical to that found in a 230V mains socket. Such inverters are often used in devices that require a stable and pure electrical signal, such as audio amplifiers or computers.

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