External battery for Motus Scooty 8.5 and 10


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External (additional) battery with a bag for Motus:

Motus Scooty 8.5
Motus Scooty 10

Up to 80* kilometers more on a single charge

Your favorite Motus scooter with an even bigger range. Forget about constantly checking your battery level and Focus on the most important thing. Get anywhere you like with our City Lion external battery. Always on time.

*With a battery capacity of 20 Ah

Up to 1000 charging cycles

In our batteries, we use only proven solutions from companies such as LG, Samsung and SANYO, which guarantee up to 1000 charging cycles. Longer battery life means peace of mind, greater range and care for the natural environment.


Easy assembly

15 minutes – that’s exactly how long it takes to install an external battery for your Motus scooter.


Simple charging

Charging takes place as before – via a standard charger plugged into the scooter charging socket. Batteries are charged simultaneously.


Highest quality guaranteed

We are a Poland-based company that produces additional batteries for the most popular models of city scooters. Before shipment, each product is subject to strict quality control. We sell solutions that we use every day.



Everything is included

Together with the battery pack for the Motus scooter, you will get:

  • Exclusive Wild Man bag, highly splash-proof, with the City Lion logo
  • Cabling
  • Additional handles for a more stable attachment of the bag
  • Assembly and software modification instructions



Are you looking for a battery with a different capacity or for a different scooter model? Check out our other products! And if you don’t find it, contact us – nothing is impossible for us.

About us

City Lion Sp. z o.o. is a leading Polish manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles.

Our constantly expanding offer includes batteries for the most popular models of scooters and other vehicles on the market. We constantly care about the safety and satisfaction of our customers, which results in the highest possible level of satisfaction among buyers on Allegro – 100%.

City Lion batteries proudly power electric vehicles in Poland, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and the UK.

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