Additional battery for Motus Scooty 8.5 and 10 11.6 Ah


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Additional battery with bag and wiring for Motus scooters:

Motus Scooty 8.5
Motus Scooty 10

Capacity: 11,600 mAh

It must be clearly said: after covering a dozen or so kilometers, riding a Motus scooter is no longer a pleasure. You surely know the feeling of constantly looking at the battery indicator and the stress that comes with it, and the uncertainty as to whether you will be able to get to your destination. Sounds familiar?

City Lion has a proposition for you: Save yourself the nerves and take a look at our backup battery!

Order, install and drive up to 45 kilometers more on a single charge!

What is a secondary battery?

It is a battery that is connected to the primary battery and mounted on the outside of the scooter (e.g. at the landing); it works simultaneously with the primary battery, thus noticeably increasing the range of the scooter.


An additional 11.6 Ah battery  extends the range by up to 45 km  in eco-driving mode.

Ready-to-connect kit

This product consists of a set of:
– 11.6 Ah battery pack
– Exclusive Wild Man bag, highly splashproof, with City Lion logo
– Wiring
– Spare rubber plug (mounted where the auxiliary battery cable enters the scooter frame)
– Additional handles for a more stable attachment of the bag at the platform.


Charging takes place traditionally – via a standard charger plugged into the scooter charging socket. The batteries are charged simultaneously. The charging time of the scooter with both batteries will be extended by approx. 6 hours.

Quality control

City Lion batteries are made by us (City Lion Sp. Z oo) in Poland. We carefully test all batteries before shipment. We guarantee high quality and long product life.

Assembly and installation

Installing the additional battery is fairly easy – it requires a few screws, but it won’t take you more than 15 minutes with our instructions.



If you are looking for a battery for a different model of a scooter or electric vehicle, please visit the “TO ORDER” subpage.


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