Additional battery – what is it? Increase the range of your scooter up to three times!

What is a additional battery?

It is a battery that is connected to the primary battery and mounted on the outside of the scooter (e.g. at the landing); it works simultaneously with the primary battery, thus noticeably increasing the range of the scooter.

It’s more than a second life for your scooter – it’s like upgrading to equipment that is 2-3 times more expensive.

Where is such a battery placed?

Usually at the junction of the steering wheel and the platform, sometimes at the top of the steering column – it depends on the scooter model. That is, in such places that the assembly is stable and the external power source does not interfere with normal use.

What does a set with a backup battery consist of?

When you purchase the City Lion secondary battery, you get the complete kit:

  • Battery pack with the capacity of your choice;
  • Exclusive Wild Man bag, highly splash-proof, with the City Lion logo;
  • Wiring;
  • Spare rubber plug (mounted at the point where the additional battery cable enters the scooter frame), dark red in color (matching Xiaomi scooters);
  • Additional handles for a more stable attachment of the bag to the platform (in the case of Xiaomi scooters and its clones).
  • Torx10 screwdriver, which will be used to install the battery;
  • Installation and software modification instructions (if necessary).

Is it easy?

Yes, and above all: disposable. With our detailed instructions (different for each scooter model) it will take you a maximum of 15 minutes. Even if you’ve never done it before.

Is it safe?

Same as, or even more than, having a regular battery in the landing. We use branded lithium-ion cells, which are of the best quality, but above all, maximum safe.

Why is it a good battery?

For two reasons. First of all, we use branded, excellent quality cells – better than those used by most manufacturers. These are the links of the brands: LG, Samsung, Sony. Secondly, City Lion batteries have up to 3x more capacity than the factory battery.

What does it give me?

First of all, the range. After installing the external battery, the range of your scooter will increase several times – you can cover a distance of up to 65 kilometers!

Think about the savings: you don’t have to buy a new scooter because you can have a much better effect for a lot cheaper. We also provide a one-year warranty.

Are you already decided? Be sure to check out our offer. Please visit the Additional Batteries subpage.

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